Karolina – Caroline - Caro Line

Caro Line – my brand. my line. feminine line.  feminine shape. female


It all started out with a love of dance, fashion and discovering femininity. Caro Line brand is a combination of these passions.

It was created so that you could play with fashion in dance, discover your femininity, enjoy it and be proud of it.

Can you be a delicate, sensitive, sensual and at the same time brave and strong woman? 

Caro Line makes it possible.

Caro Line - future-forward apparel, designed to unleash your inner power. 

Our outfits are  one-of-a kind, seasonless and timeless.

 They will be your motivation for trainings, burst of energy and an encouragement to action.

Thoughtful Design - Each piece you see has survived multiple rounds of sketch edits, prototypes, and fittings.

Ethical Production - we are focused on ethically producing our products with the highest craftsmanship.


                                   Thank you for being with me. 

                                   Thank you for supporting me.

                                    Thank you for motivating me!