1. The main terms of privacy policy and cookies

The Data Controller for the processing of data collected through the website is The Foundation of Caro Line Karolina Rostek located in Świętojańska 69/3, 81-389 Gdynia, Poland, which is registered in Economic Operators’ Record in Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy run by District Court of the city of Warsaw 12th Economic Department, with KRS number: and tax identification number NIP: 8491526200, hereinafter referred to as “Foundation”, “We” or “Us”.

We are committed to proceeding well and with care when it comes to collecting, using and protecting personal data. We would like you to be sure that your personal data is safe with us and let your understand how we are using it in order to provide better and more personalized service. That is why we have constructed this Privacy policy and cookies (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”), which:

  • Specifies the types of personal data we collect;
  • Explains the way and the reason of collecting and using your personal data;
  • Clarifies when and why we share your personal data with other organizations;
  • Clarifies your rights and choices when it comes to your personal data.

Due to the variety of products and services offered, we would like you to know exactly what this Policy includes. The Policy concerns you only if you use our products and services (hereinafter referred to as “Our Services”). Making use of our Services means:

  • Creating an account on our website as well as using Services we offer;
  • Buying things on the phone, online or in any other way with the use of any website (“Our Website(s)”) or mobile applications (“Our mobile applications”) where those rules have been published;
  • This Policy is also relevant if you contact us or we get in touch with you in order to present our Services;
  • Our Websites or mobile applications can provide you with Internet links directing you to other websites operated by different subjects. Such websites have their own rules and privacy policies, which should explain the way they are using your personal data. Therefore, we would like to ask you to read those rules or privacy policies before revealing any personal data as we are not responsible for those websites which are operated by subjects different than ours.


  1. Personal data we collect

This section consists of information about personal data which we can collect from you while using our Services. It is also about personal data we can get from different sources.

While getting registered on our Websites, you can provide us with:

  • Your personal data including your address, email address, phone number and date of birth;
  • The username and password you created while setting up an account;


While shopping online, browsing our Services or using our mobile applications, we can collect:

  • Information about your online shopping (i.e. what you have bought, when and where you have purchased these items and how you paid for them);
  • Information connected with the way you browsed our Website and mobile applications as well as clicked on an advertisement banner (also on websites of other organizations);
  • Information about all electronic devices used to get access to our Website (including the make, type, operating system, IP address, type of browser and identification numbers of mobile devices).


If you use special coupons or vouchers, we can collect:

  • Information about how and when you are using them.


While contacting us, when we get in touch with you as well as when you take part in special offers, contests and surveys connected with our Services, we get:

  • The personal data you send every time you ask about our Services on the phone, by email, post or via social networking sites, (i.e. your name and surname, username, contact details, login);
  • Detailed information about emails or other digital messages we send to you along with any links you click on;
  • Your opinion and contribution to customer satisfaction surveys.


  1. Different sources of personal data

We can also use personal data from different sources like: companies which provide such information, our trading partners and public record. The personal data of such kind help us to:

  • Review and improve the accuracy of data we own;
  • Improve and measure the effectiveness of our marketing and social communication including online advertisements.


  1. How and why do we use personal data?

Below we precisely show and explain how and why we use personal data:

We use personal data to:

It means that processing your data allows us to:

Why do we process it in such a way?

Legal basis

Ensure access to our services

Manage the account you created on our Website.

Process your orders and returns.

We have to process your personal data in order to manager your account, provide you with products and services you want to buy, support you with orders and returns you can ask for.

Necessity to execute the deal

While processing:

  • Data about purchases and transactions;
  • Contact details;
  • Information from the user’s account;
  • Information about delivery/receipt.

Without the information, we will not be able to provide you with our products and services.

It is legally justified

Data processed after the finalization of the order for post-selling servicing purposes.

Manage and improve our daily business operations

Manage and improve our Services and mobile applications.

We use cookie files and similar technologies in our Services and mobile applications in order to improve the quality of customer service.

Some cookie files are necessary, so they should not be turned off if you want to make use of all functions of our Services and mobile applications. You can manage other cookie files as you wish, but you should be aware of the fact that it can influence the way our websites are going to respond. More information about cookie files and the means of turning them off can be found in Cookie files and similar technologies section.

It is legally justified


Develop and improve our offer, services, know-how and the way we communicate with you.


We support ourselves with taking advantage of personal data not only for conducting market research, but also for improving our IT systems (including safety) and our products and services. That way we can serve you and other customers in a more efficient way.


Detect cheating and other Internet crimes as well as to prevent such occurrences.


It is vital for us to be able to monitor our Services so as to detect and prevent cheating, other Internet crimes and making use of our services inappropriately. It will help us to make sure that you can use our Services safely.


Personalize our services to match your expectations


Analyze the way you browse and shop on our Websites so as to understand our customers better and provide you with personalized offers and services made to your measure.


Analyzing your choices enables us to personalize our offers and services. It helps us to fulfill our customers’ needs.

It is legally justified


Send proper advertising alerts (via email, traditional post, online advert) about our products, services as well as products and services of our suppliers and partners. Such online advertising alerts can be displayed on our websites, webpages of this third party and other online channels. We can also measure the effectiveness of these advertising alerts.


We want to be sure that we provide you with such marketing campaigns (including online advertising), which matches your interests. In order to do so, we measure your reactions to our marketing communication related to the products and services we offer, which means that we can offer products and services that meet your needs in a better way.

You can change your marketing choices both during registration and any time after it.

You have a choice when it comes to online advertisement. Further on in our Policy, you will learn how to change cookie file options and how to control your preferences based on your behavioral online choices.


In the majority of advertising alerts we rely on your agreement, however, there are cases in which it is in our legally justified interest.


Contact with you

Contact you to inform about our Services (on the phone, via email or post, while replying to your messages on our social networking sites).

Manage our sales and competitions you take part in (also the ones, we share with our suppliers and trade partners).

We would like to serve you in the best possible way, so we use personal data to provide clarification or support while answering your questions.

We have to process your personal data so that we can manage discounts, sales and competitions when you decide to take part in them.

It is legally justified


Invite you to take part in customer satisfaction surveys as well as any other market research held by us or other organizations working on our behalf.

We run market research so as to improve our Services. However, if we contact you, you do not have to take part in the research. If we have your clear resignation, we will respect your decision. It will not affect the possibility to use our Services.







  1. Our legally justified objectives while using your personal data

Our legally justified objectives while using your personal data are:

  • Customer service including the fact that we provide our products and services;
  • Promoting and marketing our new products and services;
  • Servicing your account (e.g. online shopping account), managing complaints and solving all disputes;
  • Understanding our customers – their choices, preferences and ways of browsing;
  • Security and support for our activities, co-workers, customers and co-owners;
  • Testing and developing new products and services as well as improving those already existing;
  • Legal regulations.


  1. How and why do we share personal data with our partners and suppliers?

In this section, we are going to explain how and why we share personal data with our trade partners and service suppliers. When we share personal data with those companies, we demand keeping them secure. They cannot use the personal data for their own marketing purposes.

Trade partners

We are cooperating with a number of trade partners who sell their products via our Website.

In such situations, we share only this part of personal data, which enables our partners to provide their services. For instance, when you are shopping on our Website, we can share your name and contact details with our partner in order for him to provide chosen items.

Service suppliers

We are cooperating with service suppliers whom we choose with greatest care as they provide products and services on our behalf. Among them there are companies which provide services for our customers, technological services, storing and connecting data, processing payments and delivering orders. We share only this part of personal data, which enables our suppliers to provide their services.

Some of the service suppliers we cooperate with run their online channels where they advertise our products and services. You can see an advertisement of our products or services when you use a given social networking site or watch online TV.


  1. How and why do we share your personal data with other entities?

We can share personal data with other organizations in such situations:

  • When the law or a public body states we have to do it;
  • When we have to share personal data in order to identify, execute or secure our rights (including sharing personal data with others to prevent cheating and to lower credit risk);
  • For organization we sell or transfer (or we are about to negotiate in order to sell or transfer) any rights or duties that result from any deal we can make with you. When the transfer or selling are successful, the entity receives your personal data and can use it in the same way as we do;
  • To any legal successors involved in our activities.


  1. How do we protect your personal data?

We know how crucial is to secure and manage personal details in a proper way. This section shows some methods we use. In order to protect your personal data, we use special computer security systems like:

  • Restricted access just for employees who need it for performing their professional duties;
  • We execute physical, electronic and procedural security connected with storing, keeping and revealing personal data;
  • We regularly check the access to our buildings and files;
  • We provide firewalls and data encryption while sending files via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


Nevertheless, in spite of taking proper technical and organizational steps so as to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the full security of personal data sent to us.

The data collected from you can be sent and stored in a place beyond The European Economic Area. They can also be processed by companies operating away from The European Economic Area, yet still working for us or one of our service suppliers. If we do it, we ensure you that your personal data will be protected.

Most frequently we do it by introducing a given type of a deal (for more information see: or by a certified program such as Privacy Shield:


  1. How long are we processing personal data for?

We will not keep your personal data longer than we have to. The time depends on several factors:

a) (Primarily because of) the reason why we collected them in the first place;

b) How long ago they were collected;

c) Are there any legal regulations according to which we should keep it;

d) Do we need them in order to protect you or our business.


  1. Possibility of choice as regards receiving advertising alerts and participating in market research

We are going to send you some offers and information about our products and services using a few means of communication (including email) only when you agreed to get in beforehand. While undergoing registration process, we will ask you whether you would like to get our advertising alerts and take part in our marketing communication. You will have the possibility to change your marketing preferences in settings menu of your private account at any time.

We would like to get to know your opinions, which could make it easier for us to improve our Services. That is why it may happen that we will contact you in order to conduct market research. You will always have a choice either to take part in them or to resign.


  1. How do we use cookie files?

Cookie files are a kind of IT data (particularly text files). They are placed in your computer/electronic device any time you visit our website. It allows our websites to remember this device and let us pursue several objectives. Our Foundation is the main entity which not only places cookie files in the device of our user but it can also get access to it. Our Website’s server keeps records of all data sent by the user’s browser in real time. The server’s registers can contain various data ranging from network claims, IP address, browser’s type and language to exact date and hour of the claim. Such information can let us improve the quality of our Services due to identifying and storing User’s preferences as well as tracing trends like ways of browsing through our Websites.

In our Websites, we use such types of cookie files:




Ensuring efficiency

  • compatibility (e.g. identification of a browser’s type);
  • optimization (e.g. measurement of the Website’s loading time);

Session cookies -> they expire as soon as the browser is closed

Increasing safety

  • checking if the user’s device is securely logged on during the time of his visit on our Website;

Session cookies -> they expire as soon as the browser is closed

Memorizing preferences

  • improving our Website and its functions, e.g. through personalized content, welcome slogan or memorizing chosen language;

Session cookies -> they expire as soon as the browser is closed

Analyzing the way of using our Website

  • gathering statistics connected with overall views on our Website;

Persistent cookies -> they expire at a specific date or after a specific length of time of not visiting our Website

Getting feedback from the Users of our Website

  • not displaying one-time notifications after user moved on to a different subpage of our Website;
  • not displaying cyclic notifications during a specific period of time;

Session cookies -> they expire as soon as the browser is closed


  • sharing the Website’s content via social networking sites;
  • recording interactions between our Website users (e.g. through counting the number of shares);

Persistent cookies -> they expire at a specific date or after a specific length of time of not visiting our Website

Providing proper marketing content (particularly online advertisements)

  • providing online advertisements, which – in our opinion – are the most vital for you (we provide them both on our Websites and the websites of other entities);

Persistent cookies -> they expire at a specific date or after a specific length of time of not visiting our Website

Measuring effectiveness of our marketing communication (including online advertisements/alerts)

  • measuring effectiveness of our Internet marketing campaigns and those advertisements sent via email;
  • recording the number of advertisement’s views.

Persistent cookies -> they expire at a specific date or after a specific length of time of not visiting our Website

Cookie files placed in our User’s end-device can also be used by third-party websites in order to offer different benefits and functions. Using such tools or widgets can cause that cookie files will be gathered on users’ devices so that it can enable them to visit such websites with ease and it can also ensure a correct interaction patters on our Websites.


  1. Your choice of cookie files

Despite the fact that most Internet browsers let cookie files be placed automatically, User can protect his device and ban cookie files in order to stay anonymous. In such a case, it is important to remember that if a User does not accept to store cookies, they will not be able to use all functions of our Website. In order to configure all options of your device determining conditions of storing or access to cookie files, a User can change preferences of a web browser he is using (in most cases this option is available in Tools or Browser preferences menu.

We would like to inform you that if you do not change preferences of cookie files, it means that you give your consent to place them in your end-device. If this happens, our Websites can store data in the User’s end-device and get access to it.

Detailed information about managing cookie files in particular web browsers can be found on dedicated websites:


Additional information about managing cookie files can be found on websites like, for example:


  1. Right of access to personal data

You have the right of access to your personal data we are storing.


  1. Remaining rights of users whose data is processed


14.1. The right to correct personal data

If you believe that we have gathered incorrect of missing information about you, let us know and we will correct it.


14.2. The right of objection

General objection – we will deal with complaints about making use of your personal data. If you place your rights above our interest in using your personal data, we will either restrict processing them (see: 14.3. below) or erase them (see: 14.4. below).

Objection against direct marketing – in the case of making such a complaint, we will stop using your personal data in our direct marketing campaigns. Due to your objection as well as in the case of not having other legal basis for using them, processing of your personal data will be held within 30 days.


14.3. The right to restrict data processing

There are a few situations in which using personal data can be restricted. It can happen when (among others):

  • You have made a general objection (see: 14.2. above);
  • You question accuracy of personal data we store;
  • We used your personal data illegally, but you do not want us to erase it.


14.4. The right to erase data

There are a few situations in which you can ask us to erase your personal data. It can happen when (among others):

  • We do not have to store your personal data;
  • Your general complaint was successful (see: 14.2. above);
  • You withdrew the consent enabling us to use your personal data (and we do not have any reasons to use it);
  • We processed your personal data illegally.


14.5. The right to transfer data

If you want to receive a copy of personal data we store, contact us via the contact address here:...






14.6. The right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority

We would like to solve and deal with all your claims and complaints, however, if you do believe that we are processing your personal data illegally, you also have the right to make an official complaint to a local supervisory authority.


14.7. More information about your right to secure your personal data

You can find more detailed information about your rights to protect your personal data on the website of Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data. If you want to talk it through with us, contact us using one of a few possibilities written down in “How can you contact us” section below.


  1. How can you contact us?

If you have any questions concerning the way we gather, store and use your personal data, contact us here:


Phone number: 502714237


Post: Świętojańska 69/3, 81-389 Gdynia, Poland




This Policy has been recently updated:25/05/2018